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Kid hires cats to make a tree house. What can go wrong???

In this first person tower defense demo, you hire worker cats. These cats will build and defend your tree house from the despicable dogs that are trying to interfere. 

At the start of the game, the player has one defender cat that they can place anywhere. In order to get more cats, you have to earn points which are acquired by successfully fending off the dogs. The goal is to get two building materials into the tree house before the dogs halt your progress or the time runs out.

Team Kawaii Senpai:

Miguel Torres - Programming

 - linkedin: wholesalebirbs

Abylene Lavarias- 3D Artist (Characters + Texturing) & UI Artist (credits + game over screen)

- linkedin: Abylenel

Jonathan Bottomley - 3D Environment Artist

- linkedin: jonathan-bottomley

Peter Lundgren - 3D Environment Artist

- linkedin: PeterMLundgren

Jason Kaufman - Rigger/Animator

- linkedin: truextent

Thomas Aleo - 3D Environment Artist + UI Artist (title screen, healthbars, cat profile)

- linkedin:  tomaleo

Install instructions

Extract files from folder. 


Cat Company.zip 268 MB

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